Yatharth, 2 year old brain dead toddler saved 4 other lives through organ donation

organ donation

He came to earth only to live for less than three years! But probably, God has sent Yatharth with a purpose; to save four other lives. Yes, Yatharth, a brain-dead toddler, whose organs saved the lives of four other children.

Yatharth was admitted to MediHope Hospital, Bangalore on 11th December, 2014, just two months before his third birthday. Doctors could not find the cause of his persistent fever. Yatharth was given an injection that worsened his condition and he suffered a cardiac arrest. On December 14, he was shifted to Manipal Hospital, but Yatharth was declared brain-dead.

Yatharth’s parents, Rajalaxmi and Amit took a firm decision and chose the path of organ donation. They gave their consent to harvest and donate Yatharth’s organs, in a way to see their son living through other children.

I told my wife that we can save some other children’s lives. It was Yatharth’s chance to live through other children. My father and she were very supportive. Amit said.

Five days later, a Green Corridor was set up in Bangalore, to transport Yatharth’s heart, from Bangalore to Fortis Hospital in Chennai. There, a Russian family was given his heart for their 33-month-old child. Yatharth’s liver, kidneys and cornea were donated to different families in the city. In spite of going through such a tough phase, Yatharth’s parents are very positive.

If people talk about Yatharth, they’d say, the three-year-old passed away, by donating his organs. Yatharth has given a new life to four more children. I know the pain of losing a dear one now; I don’t want any other family to go through the same trauma. I am glad that my son has contributed to the society in this manner. Other parents will also bless Yatharth.


Image Credit: iamin



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