Orange Sky laundry, an effort of two Australian youngsters to restore respect for the homeless

orange sky laundry

How about a mobile laundry service for the homeless? It’s indeed an innovative idea. This brilliant idea came to two 20-year-old youngsters from Brisbane, Australia. Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi founded the Orange Sky laundry, with an intention to restore respect for the homeless, raise health standards and reduce strain on resources.

They have two 10 kg washers and dryers in the back of a van. The operation runs on a portable generator in the van. The members of the Orange Sky laundry are mostly the youths, between the age group of 18-30.

Orange Sky Laundy – Tropical Cyclone Marcia


Orange Sky laundry can provide service to approximately 10 people per hour. But the young team’s dream is to build a fleet of larger trucks to help more people in need all across Australia.


Image Credit : dailymail


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