This is how Nupur Tewari is changing lives both in Japan and India through ‘Heal Tokyo’

Nupur Tewari

We may have heard many charity projects, which have set exemplary milestones for others to follow. One of such program is ‘Heal Tokyo’. ‘Heal Tokyo’ is a philanthropic project initiated by Indian born Nupur Tewari. Nupur, a mother and a proud Indian is a firm believer and doer of yoga and peace. Her ‘Heal Tokyo’ project is a unique charity project that anticipates bringing equality and peace in the life of people reached through it.

Born and brought up in India, Nupur always wanted to pay back her country of origin as well the country where she has been living in from the last 14 years. Heal Tokyo fulfills both of her desires at one go. People from all age groups in Tokyo are encouraged to take part in international yoga sessions in open parks, cafés and homes. Yoga and meditation help people to connect with their inner soul, peace and serenity out of their busy and robotized life. The contributions from yoga sessions are used to finance the primary education of kids in urban slums of different cities of India.

Nupur Tewari

Our main aim is bringing peace in people’s life, make them love themselves and spread love and positivity through yoga. In return with their donations, they get the chance to support the education of underprivileged children in India. Kindness multiplies when we add our efforts; who knows, a slum kid we nurture today may rise to be another change maker tomorrow, said Nupur Tewari.

Nupur aims to end illiteracy from India and give underprivileged children a better life through education. Kids in urban slums are much more vulnerable to be in wrong paths if not given a proper channel of education and guidance. That is why through her Heal Tokyo project, Nupur has chosen to finance the primary education of kids living in urban slums across different cities in India.

I feel blessed to know Japan very closely being with only Japanese people there and learn their culture from the grassroots level – Nupur Tewari.

Nupur has handful of experiences in teaching international students in more than 32 schools of Japan for more than 12 years. She has hosted different TV shows in Japan. Nupur has also anchored at various national and international events there in Japan.

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