Not everyone is blessed with a perfect eyesight. Donate your old spectacles to someone who can’t afford


Can you imagine that there are nearly 700 million people who are visually impaired, yet they can’t afford to buy a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. You can be the reason of their happiness by offering them your old spectacles.

The idea to reuse the old spectacles came in the mind of 17 year old Yash Gupta, when he broke his glasses in a Taekwondo (type of martial art) practice and he had to wait for a week to get a new pair. Yash said, “I couldn’t see in the classroom, I would get easily distracted.”


Yash searched over internet and was shocked to learn that there are 13 million students, who need glasses but cannot afford them. “It’s just a total disadvantage for them, because if you can’t see anything, you definitely can’t make the most of the education you’re being given”, he added.

I searched through my own house and found 10 pairs. I realized these could help 10 kids who have trouble seeing and learning – Yash Gupta

Yash started to find a solution to this problem. “I searched through my own house and found 10 pairs. I realized these could help 10 kids who have trouble seeing and learning”, Yash added. At the age of 14, he started Sight Learning, an organization that collects used eyeglasses from optometrists and donates those glasses to organizations that can deliver them to children in need. [pullquote-left]As of now, Yash helped over 9500 students who needed eyeglasses but couldn’t afford to buy them.[/pullquote-left]At first he approached a local optometrist, who agreed to partner with him and placed a drop box where patients could donate their used eyeglasses. In that very first attempt, Yash quickly collected 150 pairs of glasses and gave them to a partner organization for distribution. Yash, now a senior student in high school, started funding his organization by tutoring younger students after school, and he spent about 20 hours a week collecting and shipping the glasses.

As of now, Sight Learning has helped thousands of young needy students around the world, donating eyeglasses worth over USD 850,000 and organizing several eye-clinics in various nations like India, Mexico, Honduras, Haiti,  Africa and other countries. In addition to collecting glasses, Yash has been involved in clinics that offer free eye check-up and other health services in developing countries.

CNN Hero: Yash Gupta

As a reward for his noble initiative, Yash was honoured at a White House event in July, 2013 and also selected for CNN Hero award in 2013.

Want to donate your old eye-glasses?

If you have any used pair of glasses in your home that you want to donate, you can send it to this address : HN Infomatrix Pvt. Limited, Maa Sewali Building, M. T. Road, Narengi Tiniali, Guwahati, Assam, India – 781026.

The collected eye glasses will be sent to Sight Learning on your behalf, by AchhiKhabre.[hr]

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