Meet the supercop at the Delhi Metro, who has united over 100 lost kids and seniors with their families

noorjahan khatun

27-year-old CISF constable Noorjahan Khatun is the most sought after cop when it comes to reuniting lost people in the Metro. Posted in the intelligence wing, Noorjahan has solved over 100 cases.

In December 2015, a man came crying and I was called by the station staff. His 71-year-old mother had boarded the Metro but had not reached home for two days. I checked the CCTV footage and through her movement, we traced her to an old age home in Faridabad. It gave me a lot of satisfaction, said Noorjahan.

Nearly 28 lakh passengers travel in the Metro on a daily basis. Since 20% of them are first-timers, CISF gets two cases on an average of people getting lost every day. While CISF is tasked with Metro security, such cases are taken up on priority as a minute’s delay can hamper investigation.

Khatun had joined the CISF in 2008 and was posted with the Delhi Metro since 2011. Noorjahan Khatun has received the employee of the year award for her relentless efforts.

In 2016, we reunited 106 children while this year till June, 60 children have been reunited with their parents. Apart from this over 100 adults were also reunited. We have trained our staff to identify people roaming alone. It is a misconception that only children are vulnerable. In metro many first timers from other states come and often get separated, a CISF official said.


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