7 exciting New Year’s resolutions for those who want to mark 2017 as their turning point of life

new year resolution

New year 2017 is around the corner. Like every year, all people have some new expectations and hope from this new year. The new year resolution is the best way to gauge our goals. It might happen that not all your resolutions are accomplished, but life is all about going ahead with new hopes. So, here are some of the beautiful and striking ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for all those who consider 2017 as a second chance to dream big with open eyes.

Opt for realistic resolution and check progress

It’s very important for one to set some realistic goals. Dreaming for something which we know we can’t achieve is simply irrelevant. We must always check progress we make in our goals. It helps to set step by step goals.

Health and fitness

It says health is wealth; so if you want to avoid doctors and make it a goal to lose some calories, plan to have a specific fitness regime. Add fun elements to your regime which will help you to stay motivated throughout the year.

Learn a new skill

Life is all about learning something new every time. So, why don’t you set a goal for yourself to learn a new skill which you always wanted to, but could not. This will keep you engaged and will be a value adding factor for you.

Cherish your passion

People need breaks in between the works. Everyone has different interests or passion in life. Set a goal this year to give time to cherish all those passions. Say, if you love to travel, set a pre-defined plan to visit a place which has been there in your travel bucket list since long.

Quit an addiction

Begin this new year with a positive change!! If you are addicted to something which is doing no good to you, quit that habit. This will help significantly and the positive consequences will remain for your entire lifetime.

Count your money

No matter how much we enjoy our present moment, but we must have financial security for our future. So, initiate a strong budget goal in this new year that makes you financially stable and keeps you ready for the unseen future.

Go green

As a responsible person, it is our duty to safeguard our nature. Hence, it is very important to set a goal this year, which can directly contribute towards safeguarding our mother earth. If each individual takes a resolution to plant at least one tree this new year, imagine how green our earth will be by the end of 2017.

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