Nevzat Aydin, the CEO who defines the true meaning of profit sharing

nevzat aydin

Everyone would love to have a CEO like Nevzat Aydin, the man who has defined the actual meaning of profit sharing, by paying $27 million to his employees. This CEO and co-founder of Turkish food delivery company Yemeksepeti has paid out $27 million to 114 employees after selling the firm for $589 million. Because he believes that his employees deserved to benefit from the company’s sale to Germany’s Delivery Hero.

Yemeksepeti’s success story did not happen overnight and many people participated in this journey with their hard work and talent. I believe in team work and I believe success is much more enjoyable and glorious when shared with the rest of the team. Said, Nevzat Aydin.

The company, which was started by Nevzat Aydin with three other colleagues, has now 370 employees, delivering over three million meals every month.

The bonuses are worth $237,000 on average, which is roughly 150 times their monthly wage. Each employee’s bonus was based on their performance, how long they had worked for the firm, and their future potential in the company. Only employees who had been with the company for two years were eligible for the bonus.

Yemeksepeti is one of the most successful tech brands in Turkey. It also operates in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and Jordan.


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