Neelam, the 31 year old Sarpanch promises a veil free life to women of Chhapar village

Neelam sarpanch Chhapar village Haryana

She is an inspiration to many women of the village and it will not be wrong to say that the small village of Haryana has witnessed many positive changes after she became the Sarpanch (head of the village) of Chhapar. Now, women in Chhapar village are not forced to wear Ghoonghat (veil) and can wear the dress they feel comfortable with. People even distribute sweets when a baby girl is born in their family and make sure she attends school.

From young to old, Neelam is respected by everyone in the village. At the age of 31, the young spirited lady has chosen the path to serve her village people, because she believes that to bring positive changes, one has to walk on the path and guide the one who is in disorientation.

Wearing Ghoonghat (veil) is an age-old custom for woman which is still practised in many parts of rural India. She reveals that to wear Ghoonghat (veil) was suffocating for her and her mind refused to do that in the name of customs and rituals. Initially she faced resistance from her in-laws when the brave lady decided to shun the age-old practice.

Gradually, people started taking it normally and she decided to make the veil free life normal for each woman of the village. The Sarpanch happily shared in an interview that now women are more confident and aware about their social rights and actively participate in the social developmental works.

Confessions Of A Woman Sarpanch In Haryana |

Check the video to know more about Neelam in her own words.

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