Meet the young Indians who won the National Bravery Awards this year

national bravery awards

Every year, the National Bravery Award is given to recognize the children who had shown outstanding deeds of bravery and meritorious service. The National Bravery Award Scheme was initiated by the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) in 1957. This year, 25 children (four of them posthumously) from different parts of the country were decorated with the Award by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here is a glimpse of this year’s Bravery Awardees, who showed utmost courage, and even sacrificed their lives while attempting to save others.

Among the winners are – Sumit Mamgain from Uttrakhand, a 15-year-old boy who fought a leopard to save his cousin, nine-year-old Sonu Mali from Rajasthan who saved his classmate from a four-foot long black cobra. Tejasweeta Pradhan and Shivani Gond from Darjeeling were awarded for their courage and for fearlessly helping the police and an NGO in uncovering an international sex racket leading to the arrest of the mastermind in Delhi.

Four children, who received the awards posthumously are – Tarh Peju from Arunachal Pradesh, who sacrificed her life in an attempt to save two of her friends from drowning, Lalhriatpuii from Mizoram, who sacrificed her life in an effort to save her cousin from a car accident, Tushar Verma from Chhattisgarh, who lost his life as he tried to extinguish a fire in his neighbour’s shed and Roluahpuii from Mizoram, who sacrificed her life while trying to save two girls from drowning.


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