What made a 23 year old to donate 20% of his first salary to an old age home

naman munot

I’ve always dreamed of being a Philanthropist. I donated 20 percent of my first salary to an Old Age Home. Abandoning grandparents after they are bedridden or taking advantage of their memory loss (Alzheimer’s and Dementia) because they can’t recall their home address by their own children is something that we have to fight. – Naman Munot

Not everyone is concern enough for the elderly people. Old people are often abandoned, just because they are bedridden or maybe they have lost their memory! There are many organizations working for young people, education of children, women’s rights, but there are limited organizations working for older people living either with their families, or in old age homes. In order to make a positive change, Naman Munot, a student of at BITS Pilani has recently donated 20% of his first salary to an old age home.

23-year-old Naman Munot is a student of BITS Pilani, who is now working on his research thesis in IIT Delhi. He is also working as the creative head in a hospitality group, as a part time job. On receiving his first salary, Naman decided to donate it to an old age home called Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram. Naman’s initiative is indeed an inspiration for many of his age.

I want to see students following their hearts and doing a job in whichever field they are most comfortable at, and all the Juniors who will get a job in the future to donate some part of their first salary to a cause.

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