This retired engineer runs a school for poor kids under makeshift tents

Contributor: Raj Singh Bhati

nai kiran universal school

There are many inspiring souls on this earth; one of them is Mr. J. D. Khurana. Khurana and his staff do not have roof or even a school building, but he has an open gate for hundreds of poor, orphan kids who need education.

It all began when Mr Khurana, a retired engineer and his wife, a school principal, decided to help their driver’s son, and then a blind student. Slowly, it became ‘Nai Kiran Universal School’. The school started with four children in the parking area of Ardee City, Gurgaon is now a full-fledged institution. Classes here are held from pre-nursery to ninth grade in makeshift tents.

The journey has not been easy for Mr Khurana and his staff. They conducted classes in the premises of an abandoned building for a few years, with permission of the owner. But the building was demolished by authorities on the grounds that the land was government-owned. The tryst with the authorities didn’t end there. The arrival of a new district commissioner provided hope when he ordered that the building for the school be rebuilt. After being built by the government itself, the room was again demolished for being an illegal construction once the commissioner’s term ended. The NGO also tried to convince the government to donate the piece of land to the school, but in vain.

nai kiran universal school

Compulsory free computer education from nursery onwards (stopped due to lack of space, and it has been discontinued for more than a year). But the best part which makes me proud is that even during adverse weather conditions the children are always present in full strength, says Khurana.

In the year 2015, Mensa high IQ Society found few students of Nai Kiran Universal School among the top 1% of children with 99th percentile, also last year in 2016 on 8th Dec, Mensa high IQ conducted test and 2 students have awarded as Mensa Scholar, with an Indigo Go Scholarship!


nai kiran universal school

Forty of our students got admission in Delhi Public School-run Shiksha Kendra; 55 went to Shalom Hills International School; six are studying in Atul Memorial School and some others in other renowned schools, says Khurana.

With the target of putting a roof on this school, a social-cultural group from MDI college’s Executive PGPM batch called ‘Saarthi’ started a crowd funding campaign.

There were emotions fuelling us and also the toughest task of charity challenging us! We decided to take this as a project that would allow us to use our management skills to help a social cause, and now ‘Saarthi’ became a perpetual activity, an initiative to create a society, where we NMPians (Executive MBA) give our share of heart and mind to resolve the issues bugging our society. We got support from our professors and college authorities and used our acumen of marketing and finance knowledge for this crowd funding campaign. We felt that we needed to help them in any way we can, says a student of MDI and member of Saarthi.

 To donate and contribute to this noble cause, please visit: 

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