5 biggest myths about alcohol that you might believe to be true

myths about alcohol

People always follow some legitimate rules, when it comes to drinking. People are often seen to adore some of the concepts which are not at all logical; they’re not exactly the rules to live by. Here’s a list of some of the common myths about alcohol that people perceive, with their actual facts.

1. Older the wine, more better it is – A myth

The Fact – It is a common perception of almost every person that more the age of the wine is, the more expensive it will be, and definitely quality will be high! It actually depends on the types of wine. Some wines are meant to be consumed within one year of production; they don’t get any better over time. Others are intended to be stored in a wine cellar for a few years to reach their peak quality. The noteworthy point here is, wine’s antioxidant content might actually decrease as it ages.

2. Beer, a lighter drink which doesn’t cause drunkenness quickly – A myth

The Fact – It is believed that beer can’t cause drunkenness as quickly as, say, shots of vodka or other drinks, but this is not correct. Drinking too much of any alcohol too quickly can make you sick, whether it’s wine, beer, or any other liquor.

3. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol makes you drunker – A myth

The Fact – Energy drinks actually don’t enhance the after effects caused by drinks. When we mix alcohol with energy drinks, the caffeine masks the sedative effects of alcohol. As a result, people have more energy and they drink more than they would if they had just consumed alcohol.

4. Dark alcohols are always healthier – A myth

The Fact – Dark beers and wines have more antioxidants than light beer and white wine. Most of the people conclude that, while dark alcohols are sometimes slightly higher in calories, they have more nutritional value and are therefore healthier. But the fact is, even though they may contain more antioxidants, they can also contain toxic chemicals created during the fermentation process, which can cause hangovers.

5. Puking helps to be sober and prevents hangovers – A myth

The Fact – Alcohol absorption into the bloodstream begins almost immediately after its consumption. So, vomiting doesn’t make much difference and actually it can’t help to get rid of that hangover the next day.


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