Cycle Sharing – a new public transport culture emerging in India


Tired of traffic jams and increasing fuel prices? Here comes the solution to our day-to-day life problems like these and health problems caused due to pollution and lack of exercise. And the solution is cycle sharing.

MyByk is a form of bicycle sharing service started in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is primarily aimed at addressing the problem of first and last mile connectivity faced by the users of public transport and there by, making it more accessible, convenient, cheap and time efficient. With the MyByk concept, commuters can get off at any bus station and rent a cycle to go to their place of work or study. Further, they have the liberty to submit the cycle at any bus station, before availing the bus to go home. Putting it in simple words, it is a bicycle that you can drop anywhere and pick from anywhere.
The main benefit of Bike sharing is ‘The cycle is there when you need it and gone when you don’t’.

Few steps to get MyByk :

  1. Become a member by opening a prepaid account and choosing easily affordable subscription plan and get MyKey
  2. Use MyKey to unlock MyByk from any of the bike share terminals
  3. Unlimited usage with no need to return as long as you have a valid subscription
  4. Rediscover the joy of sharing by using it, just as you would use your private bike. And when you wish to connect your first and last mile while using public transport, simply share the bike-drop anywhere, pick from anywhere

The subscription plan not only gives an unlimited usage of MyByk but it also covers the cost of general repairs and maintenance as well as insurance. So either a flat tyre or stolen bike, they have got it all covered.

Watch this video to make use of cycle in your daily routine to stay healthy

Bike-sharing in India is on the verge of exploding in terms of the number of cities looking towards its implementation. Both profit making organizations and government bodies are reviewing different models of implementation. Cycle share concept is also available in other cities like Mumbai (Fremo and CycleChalao), Delhi (Delhi Cycles and Planet Green Bikes) and Bangalore (ATCAG and Namma Cycle).

More and more cities should come up with this concept. This will not only help one to get rid of traffic jams but it will also make people’s life healthy and specially benefiting those, who actually doesn’t have time for work-outs.

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