This is how Muzzicycle’s plastic bikes are saving the environment


Uruguayan designer Juan Muzzi patented the world’s first bike made entirely out of recycled plastic. Juan spent twelve long years researching how best to recycle landfill materials. The unique idea has saved the environment by recycling tons of plastic every year.

Juan’s company Muzzicycle produces 10,000 bikes per month. The demand and popularity of these bikes are increasing very rapidly. The company uses almost 16 tons of wasted plastic every year, translating to over 5 tons of CO2 emissions saved from the atmosphere. While constructing, it takes 90% less energy than regular bike frames.


The bikes are rust-resistant, more shock-absorbent, and even less jarring on the prostate and spine. The plastics used for the production come from different NGOs. These NGOs collect materials from the streets by employing city residents, usually homeless, who make their living collecting these kind of recyclable.

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