For winners, ‘Never Give Up’ is the only definition of success

motivational video never give up

Life is always challenging, with lots of difficulties. We all have many such instances when we have faced tough challenges. Some quit in between, but some fight till the end and become winners. One such winner is Sarah Cudd, an army veterinarian, who was one of 46 candidates who attempted to achieve the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge, one of the toughest decorations to earn at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

This motivational video has captured the moment when Sarah Cudd completes the grueling field test, even after falling down twice. But Sarah Cudd never gave up and struggled hard to finish the line. The course is described as the as the second-hardest badge in the Army to get outside of the Infantry Expert Badge and culminates with a 12-mile march that must be completed within three hours. The success rate of the test is only 17 percent; and that clearly defines the spirit and courage of Sarah Cudd to complete the course, that too finishing the line with 13 minutes to spare.

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