Morgan’s Inspiration Island in Texas is the world’s first universally accessible theme park

morgan’s inspiration island

Everyone loves water during summers, and for which all the water parks around the world are seen almost filled with people round the clock. But, person with disabilities can hardly think of splashing some water and have some fun like others. Thanks to the Morgan’s Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas, where people with disabilities can also have fun and enjoy their summers.

Since water parks around the world are inaccessible to the physically challenged people, Morgan’s Inspiration Island broke all those barriers by becoming the world’s first water park designed specifically for the people with disabilities.

morgan’s inspiration island

Every section of the new water park is wheelchair accessible and guests with special needs are admitted at no cost. The park provides radio-frequency identification wristbands, for which parents can keep track of their kids. There is a seven-story lighthouse and a water play area called Rainbow Reef, which has water that can be warmed for guests with sensitivity to cold. The park also offers private areas for guests to transfer out of their personal wheelchairs to waterproof ones.

morgan’s inspiration island

We recently unveiled with the University of Pittsburgh revolutionary new wheelchairs propelled by compressed air. Our guests in expensive battery-powered wheelchairs can’t afford to get them wet, so we have special Morgan’s Inspiration Island PneuChairs, said owner Gordon Hartman.

The team behind this amazing park has consulted with the water park professionals, doctors and experts in special education and special needs, as well as received input from local teachers, parents and caregivers.

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