Miranda House became the first DU college to install talking signages for its visually impaired students

miranda house

In an initiative to make the college campus disabled-friendly, Miranda House has put up digital vision signages on its premises to help its 70 visually challenged students find their way across the college. It has become the first DU college to do so.

Almost 100 acrylic sheets with QR codes have been installed at frequented spots like the canteen and hostels. This can be accessed by downloading a mobile app on their phones. There are various other steps taken by the college such as, a special bus for the physically challenged, screen readers on computers at registration desk etc.

If a student wants to meet me, the digital signage in the office corridor gives a warning about the glass door and verbally directs the student on how many steps she should take to reach the spot, said Pratibha Jolly , Miranda House principal.

First, the students have to download the customized app on their smartphones.The college has installed a 6-inch square scan code which would be one inch way from the wall. Whenever the students holding the phone comes within three feet close to the code, a verbal message would come out that would give them the details regarding the location.



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