Omkar Nath Sharma alias ‘Medicine Baba’ collects unused medicines and distributes them to the poor for free

Medicine Baba

Omkar Nath Sharma has been voluntarily collecting unused medicines from people and distributing them to the poor for free of cost for the past nine years. 82 years old Omkar Nath Sharma is a resident of Delhi and he is now popularly known as ‘Medicine Baba.’

Omkar Nath Sharma is a retired blood bank technician from Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida. He started collecting medicine after a shocking experience!! Back in 2008, an under-construction metro bridge collapsed in East Delhi, killing two labourers and leaving several more injured. After witnessing how under-equipped the public hospitals were, and how unaffordable the treatment is for the poor labourers, Omkar decided to start his own little supply chain of medicine. It was since then he has been continuously devoting himself for the cause.

I distribute medicines worth Rs 4-6 lakh every month. The best places are the middle class and lower middle class neighborhoods in government colonies. The residents living in ‘posh’ areas rarely donate anything, said Omkar.

Medicine Baba

Omkar’s own story of survival is something very inspiring. He lives in a rented room with his wife and his 45-year-old mentally challenged son Jagmohan. Omkar was crippled at the age of 12. As he cannot afford the Delhi metro, he walks around five to six km every day. He starts from home at 6 am and commutes across Delhi in buses using his senior citizen pass. He even walks to the remote areas where there is no bus connectivity.

Over the years, ‘Medicine Baba’ has gained popularity among the people. People have established different collection boxes in the places like colleges and temples where people drop medicines they don’t need. Omkar Nath Sharma is now helped by his son and an employee. Even though he makes no money but Omkar Nath Sharma continues plying the streets with a sense of pride.


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