Mawlynnong in India, Asia’s cleanest village, where cleanliness is a tradition

mawlynnong village asias cleanest

Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village is situated in the verdant hills of the beautiful Meghalaya. A small village in India, where cleanliness is considered as the tradition and people perform it as a habit, not as an imposed activity. The village proffers many things for learning for which, rest of the country and in fact, whole world should take it as a model village.

mawlynnong village

Located at a distance of 90 kms from Shillong, capital of the state of Meghalaya, the village has over 80 houses. The main occupation of the local population is agriculture, with betel nut being the main crop. Most importantly, the village has 100% literacy rate. All credit goes to the villagers, for keeping the village clean and taking the village up to global forum.

mawlynnong village

Making it to the Asia’s cleanest village wasn’t a simple task at all. It needs continuous dedication and commitment from the residents. Villagers work really hard to maintain cleanliness of the village. Despite their regular activities, the villagers perform the activities like sweeping the roads and lanes, watering the plants and cleaning the drain, on a regular basis. For the Mawlynnong village, cleanliness is a tradition, which has been continuing right from the time of their ancestors. Ancestors of the village performed basic civic duties to make the village clutter-free.

This beautiful documentary named Mawlynnong, God’s Own Garden, directed by Wallambok Alexander Kharkongor and Jonmejoy Tamuly will give you an insight knowledge about Mawlynnong village and the thrill of a life’s time.

Mawlynnong God's Own Garden.HD


One can easily find bamboo-cane dustbins in almost every part of the village. Waste collected from the dustbins are directed to a pit and later used as manure in farms and cultivation. The flowering plants around the houses of the villagers are the eye catchers.

mawlynnong village

Being the Asia’s cleanest village has twofold Mawlynnog’s fame, magnetizing both local as well as foreign tourists. The travel magazine Discover India conferred the village as the cleanest in Asia in 2003, and the cleanest in India in 2005.

While ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ vibes are in the air, every Indian should participate in this mission wholeheartedly by taking Mawlynnong as an example, because this is one of the  remotest village in the hills of Meghalaya, which could enlist itself  as the Cleanest Village in Asia, making India proud.

Image credits : kipepeo, travellenz

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