Mark Bustos, the professional hair stylist, offers free cuts to the homeless

mark bustos
What comes to your mind when you think of a homeless person? May be someone with dirty clothes, unshaven beards or with long hairs!! What if they have a nice hair cut from a professional hairdresser? Don’t be surprised; because Mark Bustos, a professional hair stylist provides free haircuts to the homeless.

Mark Bustos, 30, a hairstylist at Three Squares Studios, an elite salon in Chelsea that charges $150 to celebrity clients like Norah Jones, Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim, provides free cuts to the homeless every Sunday. Mark Bustos often wanders around Union Square, the Lower East Side and Midtown, where he knows some of the homeless even by their names.

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mark bustos

Bustos learnt hairstyling by himself and that too at a very young age. He has always been generous about hairstyles. At the age of 14, Bustos used to cut his friends’ hairs for free, by setting up a chair in his parents’ garage in Nutley, N.J. Two years ago he started offering free haircuts to the homeless. His trip to the Philippines in 2012, made him realize to do something, when he was struck by some of the impoverished children. He then decided to rent a barber shop as his way of helping. The idea was to simply give back. Later, Bustos decided to bring back the same positive energy to New York. Since then, he has spent most Sundays in New York, styling the hairs of the homeless.

Whether I’m giving one at work or on the street, I think we can all relate to the haircut and how it makes us feel. We all know what it feels like to get a good haircut. Mark Bustos said

Mark Bustos always conducts haircuts on the street. Rain or freezing temperatures do not deter him. Bustos wears gloves, disposes hair clippings and disinfects his tools between every cut, since homeless does not have regular access to washrooms.

I do it on the streets, on the sidewalks, in the parks, so that people who walk by can find some inspiration in what I do. Said Mark Bustos

Now, Mark Bustos’ noble cause has brought awareness to homeless communities around the country and has really made an impact on the nation, inspiring others to do the same in their cities.


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