Meet Marc Ching, the animal lover who risked his own life to save dogs from the meat trade in Asia

marc ching

Dogs are man’s real best friends. It is overwhelming to see the growing number of animal advocates, rescuers, and activists throughout the world fighting to safeguard this lovely friend. But, not everyone would go far and risks his life, like Mark Ching did in order to protect this species from any kind of mistreats. Marc Ching is the founder of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation and owner of The PetStaurant. He is a nutritionist and Japanese herbalist by profession, who is on his mission to save as many dogs from the Asian pet-meat trade.

Marc Ching, a 4th Generation Japanese, began his journey last may, as an animal rescuer from the slaughterhouses, after he came to know about the summer solstice lychee and dog meat ‘festival’ in Yulin, China. He was shocked and could not believe that such an inhumane practice could actually exist in the modern world. Ching immediately bought a plane ticket, grabbed his backpack, and headed to China with an utmost determination to witness the trade for himself and rescue as many dogs as possible.

My first trip was after the Yulin festival, on Sept. 1. When I went to China, I saw things I didn’t know people could do. I knew they ate dogs there, but I didn’t know about the torture and abuse aspect associated with the preparation of the meat. It doesn’t make sense to me — it’s unspeakable.


marc ching

Marc made three additional trips, rescuing a grand total of 249 canines from some of the worst and largest slaughterhouses, including China’s Guangzhou province; Busan, South Korea; and Hanoi, Vietnam. But, unfortunately, only 61 dogs survived. Marc Ching now plans his trips in a more organized way, which includes a proper travel itineraries, securing translators and veterinarians in advance, teams of researchers to locate slaughterhouses, and finding ways to obtain undercover video footage — without getting caught.

Marc’s rescue missions in Asia have cost him a lot, both mentally and physically. He’s been beaten, held hostage, had a machete put to his throat and a gun to his head. But nothing could deter this gentle savior from his quest, not even the fear of death.


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