Are you tired of writing or guiding someone to your long address? Try Maptags and create your ‘1 word’ address


Have you ever imagined how much time one spends writing, searching or guiding someone to an address? The answer will shock you; it’s 25 Hours per year! 25 hours of your precious time per year wasted on some boring pieces of letters. But if you want to utilize those 25 precious hours into some constructive things rather than explaining your address to someone, here’s the cool solution – try Maptags.

Maptags is an Address sharing platform which takes away the pain of writing address. Now, with Maptags one can easily represent their big address with only a single word (provided it’s not taken already). So, sharing your address is as easy as sharing a word. The most notable point here is it takes even less than one minute to create a Maptag address.

Maptags is a start-up company, founded by Krishna Yogi, an IIT Madras graduate. It has young dedicated and highly talented team members. Apart from Maptags, Krishna has also started another solar start-up called ‘Terosolar’.

Watch the following video to know how Maptags works.

Maptags -The Address Revolution, 20,000 Maptags taken

People often lose mail mostly because they fill wrong address and the poor courier guy spends hours trying to hunt for the correct address. But Maptags solves those basic addressing issues. Maptags also has features like adding pictures to the address. One can add pictures of the road, building of his address, making it easier for friends and even the courier guy to find the address.

Any address can be tied to a word, lets say if one’s address is tied to Maptag as ‘myhome’; so, whenever friends or any other person enter, corresponding address will come up as a pop-up on his phone. Thus, the person can reach to the place using directions on Pop-up. He can also identify the place with pictures attached to the Maptag ‘myhome’.

So, what are you waiting for, click the below link and create your single word address with Maptags today. Maptags

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