Want to turn your office into a farmland? Manyata Business Park, Bangalore let employees grow their own organic food

manyata business park

Bangalore, the tech-city of India is home to numerous business parks, having offices of many MNC’s. When we say business park, the immediate image that comes into our mind is that of a huge area with multi-storey concrete buildings. Defying the regular concept, the Manyata Business Park in Bangalore is now turning into a healthy shade of green. All thanks to the techies working in this park, who are growing their own safe, organic food, and transforming the place into gardens.

In this tech park, there are 90,000 employees working in the companies such as NVIDIA, Nokia, Cognizant and IBM. They have been allotted patches of land on which they can grow their own crops.

Employees at the tech park can apply for one of the 170-odd plots that are available to be given out as mini gardens. These are provided free of cost, and seeds are also distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. In addition to leafy and non leafy vegetables, employees also grow baby corn, tomatoes, chilies, spinach and coriander. Once ready, employees can take their harvests home for their families.

The idea was born because we have the space and wanted to let people use it as a stress-busting activity. Employees now mill between work at their vegetable patches, swapping tips for their crops. It acts as a bonding experience, with employees from different companies and different job levels coming together to share a common interest. And the vegetables they grow are organic, free of pesticides, and if the farmers are to be believed, tastier than the ones they get in the market, says Raj Gaurav Bhandari, Senior Manager (Corporate Initiatives) at Embassy Services.

Even though management has installed drip irrigation systems for the gardens, but employees prefer to manually water their own plants. Employees feel happy for their contributions towards their little patches of green, and never to forget they do enjoy the breaks from their jobs to tender to their crops.

In this business park in Bangalore, office goers are office growers


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