Online Art auction to make Maharashtra drought free, by The Ignited India Foundation

maharastra draught art auction by by  The Ignited India Foundation

Farmers are now craving for the rains, So that water can flow in their drains, If this misery continues for any long, Consequences will go even more wrong

I wish rains removes all the weeping, Frogs in fresh water start chirping, There should be a smile on everyone’s face, Rain drops are worth more than Diamonds grace.

– From the poem “Drought” by Himanshu Nandwani

Around 330 million people in India are affected by drought, according to the Government of India. Region in western Maharashtra state reels under worst drought in decades as wells dry up and heatwave worsens. With Global warming, the situation will go worse if proper steps are not taken. Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan is the first big initiative launched by Maharashtra Government for drought free Maharashtra by 2019

The project involves deepening and widening of streams, construction of cement and earthen stop dams, work on drains and digging of farm ponds. The mobile app, developed by Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) is being used to map these locations.

To support this cause, the Art Auction for Drought Free Maharashtra is an initiative taken by Tuhin A. Sinha for the under-incorporation NGO, The Ignited India Foundation. The art auction is for two paintings by artist Koral Dasgupta. Both paintings have a personalized message from Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping.

Title: Possessive
Thought: Trees from two different botanical families support each other in a jungle. They are inseparable from each other
Cause: Water Conversation in India

Koral Dasgupta painting Possessive


Title: The Shudra & Kshatriya
Thought: Battle between the powerful and resource less
Cause: Water Conversation in India

koral dasgupta painting auction the shudra kshatriya

Starting now, every month, paintings and photographs (autographed and with a personalised message from leading public personalities) from painters and photographers will be auctioned to support a grave cause.  The auction will happen via. a massive social media campaign. 75% of the funds thus collected will be contributed for the cause. 12.5% will go to the artist/photographer and 12.5% towards the NGO.

The Ignited India Foundation (TIIF) is an imprint of Smt. Samira Sinha Foundation that will take up a wide range of welfare activities for the social and intellectual growth and well being of the Indian society. Some of the areas the NGO will work on includes raising funds for victims of natural disasters, running road safety campaigns, organizing talks and debates on issues of national importance, intellectual empowerment of the society by introducing and encouraging writing skills and exploring advocacy topics to help our society beat stress by embracing a happier way of living.

You can send your bids by email to [email protected] or by posting on their Facebook page. The bidding closes at 9 PM, 30 June, 2016.

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