Lexington, Kentucky accepts canned food as parking fines

canned food

Residents of Lexington, Kentucky can now pay their parking fines with canned goods for local food banks. The city’s local parking authority is allowing residents to donate preserved goods in lieu of cash till December 18. This ‘Food for Fines’ program will help the local food banks, to stock the food for the needy.

One expired parking meter ticket could mean two meals for hungry Fayette County families, said Marian Guinn, God’s Pantry CEO.

Parking violators can donate 14-15 ounce cans of food for a typical $15 dollar fine. Damaged or open cans are not accepted. The same program was also conducted last year. Last year over 6,200 canned food were handed to pay off more than 600 citations, worth $14,500. But the program was only limited to expired parking meter fines. However, this year the program is open to all parking citations.


Image Credit:  green

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