Can you think of lighting up a house with PET bottles? Liter of Light made it possible

liter of light

We often throw bottles away, after drinking water. But, surely no one will do it anymore, if they know that these PET bottles can be used to light up a house. All thanks to the ‘Liter of Light‘, which transformed PET bottles into lamps. For its amazing initiative, now many dark houses have been light up around the globe. Kick-started by Illac Diaz in 2011, thousands of families have already seen their dark homes being lit up so far all around the world.

After the success of Liter of Light’s global initiative, Tripti Aggarwal started its India chapter based out of Bangalore in November, 2013. Committed volunteers of Liter of Light have already reached out to many families through their day-light bottles as well as through night-lights.

Though I was socially inclined, I had no plans of starting something of my own like this. Especially when I am doing a full time job. But something made me take this up and when I see the happiness in the eyes of people, it is all worth it, says Tripti Aggarwal.

The question here is how does a PET bottle light up a house? Well, the procedure is really very simple. A small hole is cut in the roof of a house and a transparent, plastic bottle with clear water is fitted in. During the day, as the sunlight reaches the water bottle, the light is refracted and spreads in the entire room.

The USP of these ‘bulbs’ is that they are low cost, made from waste and locally sourced material and can be easily made and maintained by the community. The idea is best suited for small, narrow slums and narrow alleys, says Tripti.

The team of Liter of Light is providing training to the community, school and children so that they can make the models themselves and become totally self-dependent. Once the community is trained, a few people can take up the responsibility of minimum maintenance, which will provide them a small source of livelihood at the same time.

We want to enable communities and students to be able to replicate the project on their own. We also want to reach out to more remote locations where there is greater need of this, says Aggarwal.

Anyone interested can be a volunteer and help Liter of Light to reach out to more homes . To contribute to their fundraising campaign to bring light and life to two tribal villages which are in extreme poverty and darkness, please click the link : Liter of Light’s online fund raising.


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Image Credit: literoflightusa


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