After beating breast cancer and paralysis, Lazreena Bajaj took cycling as habit, and now she is a professional cyclist

lazreena bajaj

Lazreena Bajaj, a 35-year-old lady is a professional cyclist with 12 podium finish across the country. But, for Lazreena, things were not just the same two years ago. She had recovered from partial paralysis when doctors said she couldn’t, and had won the battle against breast cancer. And her weight was 96 kg, which has now dropped down to the 60s.

After her illness, she brought home a cycle one day. I was shocked. My family and I were not comfortable. But she pursued it and has achieved so much. She was always a wonderful mother, and now also a champion, says, Mohit, Lazreena’s husband.

After the birth of her son in 2007, Lazreena Bajaj was struck by partial paralysis. As she was on the path to recovery, Lazreena was diagnosed with breast cancer the year after. Since it was in the initial stages, so full recovery was possible, but the process was too long and indeed painful.

My body weight shot up because of a heavy dose of steroids. I used to think I will run and shed the flab in two to three months. I started to run, but I couldn’t. I could only walk but not too fast. At that point I realized that this is not going to be an easy journey, says Lazreena.

After trying jogging and walking, Lazreena took cycling seriously from Jan 2014. Initially she wasn’t regular though and would cycle once or twice a week.

Lazreena’s biggest achievement is not her medals, but her battle against the diseases that she survived. She won medals in two of the long distance races, one in Rajasthan and the other in last weekend’s mountain biking event in Gurgaon. After defying odds and setting her own goals, Lazreena Bajaj wants to set an example for other women, who she feels do not do enough to look after their health.



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