Lauren Wasser, the blue eyed model with a amputated leg makes her debut at NYFW

lauren wasser

I’m more beautiful than I’ve ever been because I’ve experienced so many things, and I can relate to so many different people. And you know it’s just made me a better person.

It was a new beginning for Lauren Wasser as she made a bold debut at the New York City Fashion Week with her prosthetic leg. Lauren Wasser almost lost her hope to become a model when she lost her right leg to toxic shock syndrome. But beating the odd, Lauren not only paved the way for herself, but also initiated a new beginning for others to follow.

28 year old Lauren Wasser, the tall, blonde and blue-eyed beauty was living a beautiful life. She would ride 30 miles on her bike on any fine day and would play basketball for fun. Wasser had even given up a full-ride basketball scholarship to pursue modeling. But her life changed suddenly, when she went to attend a friend’s birthday party on October 3, 2012. She was having her period and she felt sick with a lower-back pain. She was feeling flu-like symptoms and was struggling to stand upright. Wasser woke up in the hospital bed after several days. Her organs were failing.

Lauren didn’t connect her pain to her period until an infectious disease specialist asked if she was wearing a tampon and she was. Immediately tampon was rushed to a lab and tested. She was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome. It surprised Wasser, because she changed her tampon three times the day she got sick. That led to amputate her right leg.

I literally was lying there, thinking my life was over. That I would never be accepted again, I could never model again. No one would look at me the same. Lauren Wasser.

Devastated Lauren thought of committing suicide. Lauren slowly regained control of her life with the support of her family and girlfriend, photographer, Jennifer Rovero, who took hundreds of pictures of Wasser, as sort of a photo therapy.


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Image Credit: de.horoskop


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