‘Khonoma’ – India’s first green village, where villagers never cut trees

khonoma village

The entire North East India is a hub of unparalleled beauty, a beauty defined by its nature, climatic condition, flora-fauna and indeed it’s unique cultures. Every place in North-East India has a different story to tell you, and your visit to any places across North East will be not less than an exotic trip! Such a hidden paradise is Khonoma in Nagaland, India’s first green village, where hunting and logging in the forests are strictly prohibited. This beautiful village in Nagaland reflects the true colours of nature through its 700 years of precious glory.

Khonoma village is located in Dzukou Valley, 20 kms from the Kohima. Khonoma is a hilly kingdom at an altitude of 5,320 ft. above sea level, with a population of about 3000. This beautiful village is estimated to be 700 years old. Angami tribe, the main inhabitants of the village are known for their bravery and martial skills.

khonoma village

Khonoma is famous for its forests and a unique form of agriculture, including some of the oldest terraced cultivation in the region. Villagers took a bold step back in 90’s to ban all logging activity and hunting in the forests of their community. It needs a lot of courage to take such a step in a Naga society, where people are still very dependent on nature and  hunting being the part of their culture. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and the department of Tourism, Government of Nagaland sponsored the Khonoma ‘Green Village’ project, a Rs. 3 crore project. Since the inception of the project on 25th October 2005, it has become a model village for all other villages across Nagaland and also for the whole India. This green project has gained widespread attention in all over India.

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