This Assamese guy is all set to bring technological revolution through his ‘Make In Assam’ dream

Kaushik Hazarika

Inspired by the Make In India concept, an Assamese guy has decided to conceptualize the same theme as ‘Make In Assam’ in his home state Assam. Kaushik Hazarika from Tezpur, Assam is an IT professional based out in Bangalore. The love for his homeland and the desire to work for the betterment of the local people has always motivated him to keep going. Kaushik has invented a very low-cost inverter, keeping in mind about the weaker section of the society.

kaushik hazarika
Grown up in Assam, Kaushik himself has witnessed the power cut issue in the state. Even though people from the upper income group can afford a high-cost inverter, owning such an inverter is still a far-cry for most of the poor people. That results into a complete darkness in many households.

In order to eradicate that issue and to light up those millions of houses, Kaushik has invented an inverter which is not only low cost, but also reliable. The cost of a single inverter is less than a thousand rupees; which can light-up a house easily for about 10 to 13 hours.

Kaushik Hazarika
The journey so far was not at all easy for Kaushik Hazarika. With a regular IT job that too in a managerial position, things were difficult for him. Managing time is the greatest difficulty he has faced. Yet, he never gave up on his dreams and finally he made out a few low-cost inverters for the needy people. He also runs a Facebook group named ‘Sohoj Electronics’ meaning easy electronics, where students as well as any person willing to learn electronics may post queries and get answers from experts.

Together we can bring a positive change to our society. If everyone come forward and join hands, then the dream of Make In Assam is not that too far, said Kaushik Hazarika.

In his recent visit to Assam, Kaushik has picked out a few of the villages and distributed inverters to the poor and needy people for free. The response of the people was overwhelming. As a part of his future project, he has also promised to build a low-cost solar-powered street light system, which he will be providing for free of cost at his native place.


To know more about his venture and to help him fulfill his Make In Assam dream, please contact him – [email protected] 

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