Karnataka minister jumps into lake to save a family from a sinking car


Good news are forgotten fast and easily. We all remember the mischiefs done by politicians, but rarely the word ‘politician’ leaves us with a positive thought.

Here is something wonderful done by one of our minister, which made him a ‘Hero for a lifetime’ for a family and also to us.

Few months back, a 61-year-old Karnataka primary and secondary education minister, Kimmane Ratnakar jumped into a cold lake along with his guards and saved a family of six trapped in a sinking car.

He was travelling in his official Innova to Bangalore from his native town of Thirthahalli, when he spotted the sinking car and ordered his convoy to stop.

The family was thankful to the minister as he was a savior for them. we too are proud of his heroism.

Family rescued from drowning by Karnataka Minister

Source: India TV

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