Defying cancer to start India’s first private jet service ‘JetSetGo’ – Kanika Tekriwal’s inspiring story will win every heart

kanika tekriwal

I don’t give up. I don’t get demotivated; I look for more customers. I look for solutions to make these planes cheaper for my customers, and I go to sleep thinking very soon I am going to be on the list of 100 most powerful women in the world. Meet Kanika Tekriwal, who defied cancer and founded India’s first marketplace for chartered private jets, JetSetGo.

Kanika Tekriwal made it to the highly coveted Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2016. The year before, she was one of the seven Indians in BBC’s list of 100 most inspiring women. She is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs who has almost single-handedly started JetSetGo.

Planes have always fascinated Kanika. She began working at 17 and has worked for a number of renowned aviation companies, including India Bulls Aviation and Aerospace Resources. When she was developing plans for her initiative, she was diagnosed with cancer. Kanika was only 22 years then. Doctors didn’t offer hope, but she did not give up and eventually defied cancer.

I have always shied away from talking about cancer and everything it entailed. I don’t want to be a hero for a condition compared to which many people have suffered and continue to suffer a fate far worse than me. However, the nine months of cancer treatment served as a perfect break for my entrepreneurship ideas and from here the foundation of JetSetGo started.

Founded in 2013, JetSetGo is a digital platform enabling customers to reserve their own private jets and helicopters. Customers can avail the flight for a variety of purposes, from destination weddings to medical emergencies. JetSetGo operates in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Dubai and New York.

Cancer made me a stronger person ready to face any challenge; and most importantly, to never give up. So when we began work on JetSetGo and things didn’t go my way – I didn’t get upset, but just focused on what we could do next.

It was not easy for Kanika to crack into a traditionally male dominated industry, but her strong determination paved ways for her. And never to forget that she already won a battle by defying cancer, which made her more stronger than ever.

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