Once a slum, now a major tourist hub – Know the incredible transformation story of Indonesia’s Kampung Pelangi village

kampung pelangi

Kampung Pelangi or Rainbow Village in Indonesia was a lesser known village until its complete makeover, for which it became an internet sensation overnight. All thanks to a local teacher named Slamet Widodo, who suggested for a colorful makeover of the village.

There are about 325 homes in the Kampung Pelangi. The village was previously known as Gunung Brintik and was considered a filthy place by its residents. The local economy suffered to a great extent due to the laid up condition of the village.

kampung pelangi

In order to attract tourists, Slamet suggested to paint the village with different colors. The project costs around $200,000 which was paid for through donations and corporate sponsorship.

The bright rainbow colored village now attracts a lot of tourists from all over the region, giving local business a much-needed boost. Because of the influx of visitors, the community has become an Instagram hit.

kampung pelangi

Kampung Pelangi, which was earlier considered to be a slum is now clean, attractive and vibrant. Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi, helped with the painting himself. Though Kampung Pelangi became an instant hit on instagram, but now many international publications have also featured the village.


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