Experience a rare act of humanity by a 60 year old rag-picker

kamala lochan baliarsingh

A pavement lying inside Bhubaneswar  Railway Station is his adobe, where he sleeps happily beneath the blue sky. He is old, alone and poor who manages his living by collecting bottles and remnants left by the travellers and passengers. Some day he eats and some day he manages his sleep with an empty stomach. But this penurious old man makes sure that his ‘stray pet’ dogs get food every day. 60 years old Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh provides food to the stray dogs sauntering at the station and he has been doing this for over three decades.

He understands the pangs of hunger and makes us understand well that a satisfied heart gets a sound sleep, no matter if the stomach is empty or filled!

Sometimes some incidents bring us immense happiness and a pleasure that fills our eyes with joyful tears.

Hit the play of the beautiful video by Raj Sampad and Ridhi Rohatgi to experience a rare act of humanity and let your soul and eyes speak out. Meet Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh.


Image Credit- tiempolibre


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