K-9 Piper, the coolest staff at Cherry Capital Airport who keeps the runway safe from wildlife


Birds are always a threat to the airports and authorities of Cherry Capital Airport tried their best to get rid of this danger. After failing several attempts to keep the birds away so as to prevent trouble for planes flying in and out, this airport finally got the solution through a dog named Piper. K-9 Piper’s duty is to increase safety by responding directly to reports of wildlife and conducting regular patrols.

Piper is one of the few number of dogs specially trained to clear runways across the U.S. Cherry Capital is the only airport in Michigan with a canine designated for wildlife control. Piper spends most of his time chasing birds away from the runways and taxiways.

Piper’s owner Brian Edwards, began reading about dogs used for wildlife control and saw potential in Piper. So, he started looking out for techniques to teach his dog to make the canine into an effective partner. Edwards began training with Piper on about 100 acres of land in his backyard, teaching him to work off-leash and come back when asked. Piper has been with Edwards since he was two years old.

He lives with me, he works with me. We do everything together as much as we possibly can. There’s no greater satisfaction for me. It’s so rewarding and fulfilling to watch him go out and patrol and see him do what does. I get to work with my best friend every day, how cool is that? Brian Edwards, Piper’s owner.


Cherry Capital Airport K-9 Piper


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