John Bramblitt, the blind painter who relies on touch and texture to create beautiful paintings

john bramblitt blind artist

Seeing these amazing paintings, no one can believe that the artist who created them is blind! Don’t be astonished, because it’s true. Meet John Bramblitt of Denton, Texas, who lost his vision 13 years ago due to complications with epilepsy, is the man behind these beautiful paintings.

John Bramblitt was plummeted into depression when he was suddenly disconnected from the world around him. Ironically, to cope up with his blindness and to express his feelings, John started painting.

john bramblitt blind artist

John Bramblitt taught himself how to paint using raised lines and harnessed sense of visualization. He learned to distinguish between different coloured paints by feeling their textures with his fingers. He also enabled himself to see subjects through touch.

john bramblitt blind artist

Many of his portraits he made were from the events, when he was sighted. However, John Bramblitt also made paintings of the people whom he has never seen; including his wife and son. His book, ‘Shouting in the Dark’ describes his struggles with epilepsy and blindness, and how art has changed his life.

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Art reshaped my life, said John Bramblitt

john bramblitt blind artist

Art played the key role in John Bramblitt’s life, while coping up with his blindness. John Bramblitt received three Presidential Service Awards for his art workshops focusing on adaptive techniques for young artists with disabilities.


Image Credit: dentonrc


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