Pobitra Doley left his high paying job to revamp the sinking traditional Mishing community farming

jarsang foundation

The Mishing or Miri is an ethnic tribal group inhabiting in different places of Assam. More than 90% of the people from this community are dependent on agriculture. But in recent times, many youths from the rural areas have started migrating to the metro cities for better employment opportunities, leaving behind many age-old traditions of the community, including farming.

A burning desire to contribute towards the community and to revive the age-old traditions of the Mishing people, a young guy named Pobitra Doley has already put his first step by forming Jarsang Foundation.

A slight push in the right direction would make a huge difference – I am a firm believer of this line. I want to contribute something towards my community and bring changes in the socio-economic condition of the people, said Pobitra Doley.

jarsang foundation

‘Jarsang’ is a Mishing terminology which means ‘Germination’. It is a youth led social initiatives with a vision to work for the sustainable economic development, which will not only elevate the community from poverty, but will also address the issues like migration and environmental degradation through organic farming. The project runs completely on a non-profit basis. All the members are contributing their time and energy on a voluntary basis.

Our rural areas are filled with very rich with natural resources through which we can be economically sustainable. Our basic idea is to take nature as our capital and promote natural farming methods and provide training on vermicompost, compost heap, herbal pesticide preparation and pest repellent techniques. Interestingly, to start these things, we don’t need any financial capital.

Pobitra Doley is a modern age farmer from a small place called Silapathar in the Dhemaji district of Assam. A vivid sports lover, Pobitra is an EMBA in Human Resource Management from Symbiosis, Pune. He has also completed MSW in Community Development. Prior to Jarsang foundation, he has also worked in MNCs like Exl Services Pvt. Ltd. and Automated Data Processing Pvt. Ltd.

jarsang foundation

Pobitra could have enjoyed the luxurious city life, but he left his high-paying job and returned to his native to work for betterment of his people. He joined Tezpur Social Service Society as a Consultant Officer for a period of 6 months and worked on the project of CRS on Disaster Risk Reduction. This short experience boosted up his morale to work in the social area. He also pursued a Masters in Social Work in the Community Development.

jarsang foundation

At present, there are 5 core team members and 10 passive members who are engaged in different departments. Besides Pobitra, Paban Pegu, Liladhar Pait, Chittaranjan Pegu and Bobo Padi are the active members of the foundation, who are equally responsible for this noble initiative. They have a model farming facility inside their office campus. The team has conducted several training programs on organic farming, vermicomposting, compost heap, herbal pesticide preparation, pest repellent techniques, dilution to increase the soil fertility level, bio-intensive raised beds, which is very significant as more production can be brought out from a small area of land through this method.

jarsang foundation

After conducting PRA, 5 different villages have been chosen as an area of intervention. There are 10 women SHGs and 6 Farmer’s clubs which are also included as the beneficiaries of the organization. Every member at Jarsang considers themselves as a modern age farmer; they intend to change the mindset of the youths through the concept of ‘Farming in Style’. They want to set examples to the new generation and make them aware that anyone can be financially stable even through farming.

Jarsang foundation contact : [email protected], [email protected], Mobile no +91-8399874494.

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