James Vernon, the Army veteran who saved 16 kids from a knife attack

james vernon

For sixteen children and few of their mothers, James Vernon is a hero who saved their lives. It was on a fine day when these kids and their mothers were blocked in Morton Public Library by a man who held hunting knives in each hand, screaming ‘I’m going to kill some people!’

75 year-old Army veteran, James Vernon won his combat with 19 year-old Dustin Brown. During the combat, James was severely injured by Brown. He cut two arteries and a tendon on Vernon’s left hand as he blocked Brown’s knife swipe. Brown was planning to kill people and then himself. He entered the library with two knives in his backpack.

I tried to talk to him. I tried to settle him down. I did deflect his attention and calmed him a bit. I asked him if he was from Morton, did he go to high school. I asked what his problem was. He said his life sucks. That’s a quote. Vernon said.

The Army Veteran remembered the knife-fight training the Army gave him five decades ago, but this was the first time he had used it. As Vernon said, first rule of combat is to be fast and vigorous.

I knew he was right-handed. He was whittling on his left arm with the one in that hand, making small cuts. He was trying to scare me, and he did. But if Brown attacked, I knew which hand it was coming from.

Vernon, who was bleeding profusely, held Brown until a library employee arrived to remove the knives and help keep Brown pinned until police officers and paramedics arrived. Currently this real life hero, who risks his own life to save the lives of children and a few other people, is recovering from the surgery for his wounds.


Image Credit: cinewsnow


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