James Harrison, the man with unique blood cells having amazing capacity to save life

How do you define a superhero? A saviour with supernatural powers and dedicated to protect people’s life. Than what would you call a person who has saved more than 2 million babies, by donating his extremely rare kind of blood for over 60 years.

Meet Mr James Harrison from Australia, aged 77 years. After undergoing an invasive chest surgery at the age of 14 and having a life-saving blood transfusion, he made a pledge to start donating blood as soon as he turned eighteen, after realizing the importance of blood to save one’s life.

Just after he started donating blood, it was found that he has a very rare and special type of blood; the plasma which contains an antibody that cures babies of Rhesus disease, a severe form of anaemia. James’s plasma was discovered to be able to treat the incompatibility between the mother’s and unborn baby’s blood where one has Rh-positive blood and the other, Rh-negative.[pullquote-left]Over last 60 years, Harrison has donated blood more than 1000 times, saving more than 2 million childs[/pullquote-left] Result was, countless mothers were being able to give birth to healthy babies, including his own daughter Tracey, who gave birth to a healthy son. A new vaccine called Anti-D was developed out of his blood which helped to gift life to thousands of babies dying in Australia of Rhesus disease and other newborns suffering from permanent brain damage because of the condition.

An hour of your time is a lifetime for someone else. I’ve never thought about stopping, Never ! – James Harrison

James has never failed to make a donation ever since he was 18. Even when he’s holidaying, he makes sure to stop by a donor centre.  James Harrison has donated his blood for over 1,000 times by now and became so valuable that his life was insured for AUD 1 Million. Harrison has received an Order of Australia medal (OAM) and was nominated for Australian of the Year, and New South Wales Local Hero division of the Australian of the Year awards.

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  1. Steven Cateris says:

    This man is an inspiration to us all.