An incredibly beautiful love story of a daily wage earner who cycled for 8 months to find his missing wife

inspiring story

In one’s eye, 40-year-old Tapeshwar Singh is just a daily-wage worker, based out in Meerut. This common man’s story went viral on internet recently for his inspiring love story. Singh had cycled from one place to another for about eight months to find his missing wife and finally found her back.

Tapeshwar Singh is a migrant from Bihar. Three years ago he married Babita, after her relatives left her in a Dharamshala in Brijghat, UP, since Babita was mentally challenged. Babita went missing this year in March. Since then, Singh has tirelessly cycled the streets with his wife’s posters in the hope of finding her; on some days even without food and water.

Eventually, as the word spread someone informed Singh that a pimp had taken Babita for trafficking, but couldn’t go ahead for Babita’s mental conditions. Knowing it, Tapeshwar Singh visited every brothels in the area and even lodged an FIR.

Singh got a call from a man in Brijghat on November 13, who said he’d seen Babita begging in Haridwar. Singh immediately rushed, but couldn’t find her the whole day. But later in that evening, Tapeshwar Singh finally spotted Babita sitting in ragged clothes.

I first rubbed my eyes in disbelief. She was covered just in tatters, but it was her. Her sight almost paralyzed me. For eight months I had searched for her day and night. I spent every penny I had saved in the last decade on a journey that sometimes seemed futile. But there she was, said Tapeshwar Singh.

We have heard so many love stories till date; among them this inspiring story of Tapeshwar and Babita will be definitely remembered for decades as it has touched million hearts worldwide through internet.



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