It took nearly 8 decades, for Ingeborg Rapoport to get her doctorate

ingeborg rapoport

She waited for nearly eight decades to receive the recognition she deserves. At the age of 102, Ingeborg Rapoport successfully defended her doctoral thesis, after completing it 77 years before. With this, Ingeborg Rapoport became the oldest person ever to receive a doctoral degree.

During Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship, Ingeborg Rapoport completed her thesis, which focused on the disease diphtheria, at the University of Hamburg in 1938. But she was denied the chance to properly defend it, because her mother was Jewish. However, Ingeborg Rapoport was given a second chance at a fair academic assessment, by the members of the medical faculty from the University of Hamburg, who gave her thesis formal approval recently.

My medical existence was turned to rubble. It was a shame for science and a shame for Germany. Ingeborg Rapoport said.

When she was unable to complete her academic studies, Ingeborg Rapoport moved alone to the United States to pursue her medical career. There, she met her husband, Samuel. They eventually moved back to Europe in the 1950’s, with their children and got settled in East Germany.

Time and patience are the two powerful warriors and no need to mention here, what a crucial as well as a mystic role both have played in Ingeborg Rapoport life.


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