They are phenomenal, they stand tall against all odds! Meet these 5 courageous women of present India

The status of women in the Indian society has undergone a sea change over the past decades. Their taglines like shy, introvert Indian women are now changed to courageous, influential and powerful women. Here are 5 amazing Indian women, who dared to do something remarkable and have contributed substantially towards building a better Indian society.

Priti Patkar

indian women priti patkar

It is often seen that children of sex workers are left to fend for themselves. A few years ago, it was a common sight in the red light areas of Mumbai to see the children of sex workers begging customers to come to brothels where their mothers worked. The children who were born there ended up as prostitutes or became part of the allied activities of the sex trade. No one cares either! But, thanks to Priti Patkar and her organization Prerana, that they work for the welfare of these children.

When she started, she was discouraged, saying her efforts will go in vain. Her organization provides a night shelter for the children, takes care of their meals, conducts weekly health checkups and medical care whenever needed. Till now, more than 10,000 children are reckoned to have benefitted through Prerana. They have three centres in the heart of Mumbai’s red light areas, in Kamatipura, Grant road and Vashi. Priti Patkar’s efforts have brought a new ray of hope to the children of sex-workers.


Dr. Laxmi Gautam

indian women dr laxmi gautam

Our society still looks at the widows in a different way. Over the ages, the mindset of the society has not changed much towards the widows. Widows in India are abandoned and shunned. Vrindavan is the home to thousands of such widows, both young and old who were abandoned by their families. Dr. Laxmi Gautam, a professor, takes care of these widows, providing them with warm meals, blankets etc. and also takes care of their medical needs and provides them the much-needed emotional care. She even arranges for a respectable cremation of the dead bodies, which no one wants to claim.

Dr. Gautam is one of the brave hearts, who was awarded with the Nari Shakti Puraskar by the President Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on International Women’s Day.


K S Sarojamma

indian women k s sarojamma

According to UNICEF, India has the highest number of child labourers in the world. Thanks to the efforts of K S Sarojamma; over 3000 children have been rescued from the silk factories of Magadi, 70 kms from Bengaluru. Saroja’s efforts have also led to the shutdown of over 800 of the 1,000 odd silk factories. She now runs a home for the rescued girls from child labour, called ‘Chiguru Balvikas Sanstha’.


Bhabani Munda

indian women bhabani munda

Born in a backward tribal region, where a girl child is considered a burden, Bhabani Munda has defied every norm by creating a platform for self and also for the other girls of the region to dream something else, other than the backbreaking work in the tea estates and getting married. Bhabani Munda is the coach of Dooars XI, a football team run by tea selling girls.

Bhabani Munda dreamt of playing football since the age of 7. In a place where girls are married off early, Bhabani could convince the parents to let their girls play. In her early 20s, Bhabani now leads the football team of 11 girls, the team, that had only 2 footballs to practice, but have played state level and won numerous trophies. It is really wonderful to see the girls like Bhabani Munda, who dared to stand tall, against all odds.


Sabbah Haji

indian women sabbah haji

In Urdu, Sabbah means gentle breeze. 30-year-old, Sabbah Haji is that gentle breeze of air, who quit her comfortable life in Bangalore to return to her ancestral village, Breswana to set up the Haji Public School. It was started with two rooms in her father Saleem Haji’s home in May 2009. But today, HPS has its own building and nearly 200 children on its rolls, with two branches in Parsholla and Shadiwan.

Ride to Breswana is not that easy; it’s a 10-hour drive from Jammu to Doda and then a five-hour trek across the mountains to reach the village that houses Haji Public School, set up by Sabbah Haji. Sabbah, a commerce graduate from Bishop Cotton, Bangalore, is nurturing hope in the terror prone part of Kashmir.


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