An Indian startup to assist parents and elders of your family


Nowadays, most of the younger generation live away from their parents, driven by career requirements and migration. However, the question begs an answer, what happens to the ones left behind? Whom should they turn to, when they need help? Imagine the plight of one, who needs a walking stick urgently or any senior care product which are not available easily in any retail shop or mall.

Seniorshelf is an e-commerce website which helps you to say Thank You to your parents and the elders in your family, by making their daily lives easier, no matter where you are located.

An antiskid tape which can prevent them from falling in a slippery bathroom, a night glowing sticker for those with low vision and a food bumper is invaluable for arthritic hands. A residential project for seniors or an assisted living facility with 24×7 nursing care is invaluable for those of advanced age.

It is a startup, which came up with the idea of long distance parental assistance when one of the founders had to hunt for a blood pressure machine while on a brief visit to home.

A typical story of every small towns of India, where the elderly and senior citizens face numerous problems in getting even the basic assistive devices.


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