Indian architect brings shopping joy ride to workplace, wins IAD award


How about to enjoy an amusement park, a waterfall, a shopping center and market areas, all close to your workplace?

A local architect has designed an unique project which received third prize in the category of ‘commercial spaces’ of Interior Architecture and Design Awards (IAD) at a recent ceremony in New Delhi. The IAD Awards are given to the best projects in various categories designed in India and Asia Pacific in Architect’s Talent Hunt competition every year.

Shivam Tripathi, a 25 years old architect graduated from the University of Mumbai is the youngest winner of the trophy in Asia. His project has also been requested from cities like Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi, besides European countries including England.

The aim of this project is to create the fusion between urban and nature (prakriti) and is named as Urbanakriti. It is to create a peaceful and soothing environment in big cities. Why go to remote and poorly connected areas, creating ecological upheaval, when the three E’s of life – existence, entertainment and education, can be made available in the city, in the same place under the same roof.


According to Shivam Tripathi, the project can integrate with roller coasters and other entertainment facilities, residential towers, as well as banks and schools.

Shivam also pointed that the project is multifunctional and slabs can be folded to create space for nightclubs and restaurants in the evening, after the day’s work.



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