Hyderabad police took less than 16 hours to find a kidnapped 4 month old!! This is how they did it

Hyderabad police

Humera Begum woke up on Wednesday morning in a sudden state of panic!! She realized that her 4 month old boy Faizan was missing from her side. 21-year-old Humera and her toddler were sleeping on the footpath near Dargah Yousafain in Nampally, Hyderabad.

She rushed to the Nampally police station to lodge a complaint. With the help of CCTV footage, Hyderabad police could find the kidnappers and it took only about 16 hours to arrest kidnappers and return the four-month-old boy to his mother.

As per the police investigation report auto-driver Md Mustaq, 42, and his friend, cook Md Yousuf, 25, residents of Habeebnagar, kidnapped Faizan Khan at 2 am with an intention to sell the child to Md Ghouse of Rehmatnagar, who wanted to adopt a child. But Ghouse refused to take the baby since no parent was accompanying him.

The Nampally police officers really deserve respect and should be applauded for being so quick in their action to unite a baby with his mother.

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