Some random photos that will boost up your faith in humanity

Every single day, there are many random act of kindness happening all around the world, whether small or big. Here is a collection of some images that will increase your faith in Humanity.


1. A flower is definitely more powerful than bullets, when we need peace

flower power

This historic photograph was taken by photographer Bernie Boston, on October 21, 1967, showing an anti-war demonstrator placing flowers into the barrel of rifles. This photo depicts a clear picture of anti-war movements of the sixties.


2. Subway showed the best humanity by offering free meals to the homeless


It is not always business. That is what Subway proves, showing their humanity by providing free meal for the homeless.


3. Sometime a single help counts a lot, no matter how big or small it is

free dry cleaning

A dry cleaner decided to help the unemployed by cleaning their outfit for free, prior to an interview.

4. In humanity there is no enemy

afghan man american ary

An Afghan man offering tea to thirsty American soldiers.


5. A true sportsman spirit

sportsman spirit

Meghan Vogel, Ohio Track Star, helped an injured competitor to finish the track, at a state competition, showing a true sportsman spirit.


6. Free Electricity – when nothing is free in this world

free electricity

Strangers were allowed to charge their phones when thousands of people were left without electricity in the hurricane Sandy hit areas at the East Coast.


7. It’s all about saving a life

boy saving lamb
boy saving lamb

Two boys put all their efforts to save a baby lamb from drowning away into the ocean.

Image Credits- imgur, quipster, huffington, reddit, Bernie Boston

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