This school in Utah installed showers and washing machines for homeless students

homeless students

When East high school in Salt Lake City got to know that there are nearly 100 homeless students who don’t have access to a shower or a washing machine on a daily basis, the school officials decided to install showers and laundry facilities to help those students.

The school has provided two new washrooms, complete with a shower and a washing machine and dryer, that students can use before, during, or after school.

homeless students

It’s to feel like they fit in, to feel like they are part of something, and they don’t stand out. And the more likely they are to attend, the more likely they are to succeed in class, to graduate and to move on to college and a career, said Principal Greg Maughan.

The new facilities, complete with towels, soap, shampoo and detergent, and all of them are from community donations.


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