This amazing mobile app ‘Kricket’ helps refugees to save lives of fellow refugees


There are over 65 million people around the world who have been forced from home. More than 20 million among them are refugees. This is considered as the largest number of displaced people in the history of the world.

Every day, refugees face numerous problems while trying to safeguard themselves and their families from any kind of trouble. They face the challenges of starvation, abduction, violence and also to obtain admission into a protected country. That is why a group of techies has developed an app called ‘Kricket’ in 2014; which can be used by the refugees to mark their location as unsafe or dangerous for others making the journey.

The application runs on iOS, Android, and Web. Refugees, volunteers or any person can tag their current location with an icon and a message, which will stay on the map for 24 hours. The app also allows organizations to place icons onto the map and it shows where resources are being allocated. This helps refugees, volunteers, and organizations to be more efficient and transparent with their aid distribution.

For the humanitarian cause of the application, Kricket was one of the semifinalists, selected from across the world for the Billion Acts Hero Awards, 2016.

Check below how Kricket works –

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