Helping kids to take a colorful step


How many of us really liked to wear those dreary, boring canvas shoes to school every day. Not many.

What Gopi’s Studio doing is exceptional in that sense. This Masters in Graphic Design from University of New South Wales is infusing life in those monotonous canvas pairs. This new look, custom made pair is creating ripples not only among Chhota Bheem and Dora loving kids but also among a lot of adults who are reminded of their yesteryears cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, The Family Circus, Angry Birds and American Crime-Drama series Breaking Bad loving youth.


Sometimes you don’t need black formal shoes to make a statement. The color and concept you wear in your feet is just about enough to say a lot about you. So what are you waiting for, get one for your kid, husband, son, wife, brother, nephew, niece, or anyone you love, today itself.


Go to Gopi’s Studio to see what more this color loving woman does.


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  1. Aliza says:

    Thank for bringing up this article.. It enlightened me up.. thanks a lot achhikhabre..