Brave 8-year-old boy saved his 11-month-old sister – Here’s how

Harrison Holt

John Holt is a professor at the White Mountains Community College. On 23rd July, when John’s home was caught on fire, his heroic 8-year-old son Harrison Holt saved his 11-month-old daughter.

After futile attempts to put off the fire, John ran to alert his children to call 911 and get out of the house. As he continued to put out the flames, he was surprised to see Harrison speaking with a 911 dispatcher on the phone with one hand holding his baby sister with the other.

He was standing there as cool as the other side of the pillow, just chatting with 911, John Holt said.

For his utmost courage, Harrison was named an honorary member of the Milan-Dummer Fire Department by fire chief Bud Chapman. He surprised Harrison by awarding him with a real firefighter badge, a gift that Chapman plans to customize by engraving Harrison’s name on it.

Even though they have a lot of rebuilding to do, the family has received a huge support from the whole of Dummer community.

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